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  • Effective Listening – A Skill to Live By

  • Creativity is Your Birthright

  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Most Successful of Them All?

  • Negotiating is Not Just for Negotiators

  • Network Your Way to Success

  • Positive Self-Esteem – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

  • Public Speaking, Unlike Youth, is Not Wasted on the Young!

  • Self Discipline

  • Strike Those Common Errors from Your Speech

  • Thanks for the Memories

  • The Job Interview

  • The Only Thing That Doesn’t Change is Change!

  • The Power of Positive Visualization

  • The Prisons We Build

  • The Sweetest Sound

  • Think Before You Write

  • Time – Your Most Valuable Resource

  • To Put It Off or To Not Put It Off? That is the Question

  • Transitions


Strike Those Common Errors from Your Speech

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Our ability to speak and write correctly will have a profound effect on our success in all areas of our lives. Earl Nightingale in his audiocassette program, Lead the Field, says, “A person may dress in the latest fashion and present a very attractive appearance. But the minute he or she opens his or her mouth and begins to speak, he or she proclaims to the world his or her level on the socio-economic pyramid.”

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