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Need a Professional Presentation Video Evaluation for Your Upcoming Speech?

Remote Instruction

With the sophistication of the Internet, remote instructional methods can now be used. So whether you live in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, or Meknes, Morocco, you can now take full advantage of DiBartolomeo Consulting International’s (DCI) Video Evaluation service. This service provides you with expert instruction in the comfort of your home or office no matter where you live or work.

There are three options for video evaluation:

  1. An overview evaluation of the 12 parts of public speaking called a General Evaluation, or

  2. An in-depth Advanced Evaluation in one or more of the 12 parts of public speaking, or

  3. A combination of a General Evaluation of the 12 parts of speaking and an Advanced Evaluation of one or more of the 12 parts of public speaking.

The general evaluation provides experienced feedback on the following:

  • Speech Organization

  • Speech Delivery

  • Body Language

  • Gestures

  • Facial Expressions

  • Posture and Movement

  • Vocal Variety

  • Eye Contact

  • Pauses

  • Visual Aids

  • Grammar

  • Speech Volume

Video evaluation is easy, convenient, and gives you the ability to receive over the Internet a professional evaluation of your public speaking abilities. Nothing could be easier. Submit a video below to get started or give us a call at 703-815-1324 today.

Submit A Video for Evaluation

General evaluations are provided at a cost of $250, and the turn-around time is usually 3-5 days from recognition of the submission and payment from the client (express options are available as well). Once you submit your video to us, we respond within 24 hours to let you know we did in fact receive your request, and will forward you a secure link to pay.

    Contact Information

    Enter a URL for your video (ex:

    Evaluation Selection

    Please select from the options below:

    General EvaluationAdvanced Evaluation: Includes general evaluation in addition to specific feedback on items chosen belowSpecial Criteria Only: Does not include general evaluation, only feedback on specific items chosen below Speech Organization: $50.00Body Language: $50.00Vocal Variety: $50.00Eye Contact: $50.00Pauses: $50.00Visual Aids: $50.00Grammar: $50.00Main Points Support: $50.00Speech Delivery: $50.00Gestures: $50.00Facial Expressions: $50.00Posture & Movement: $50.00

    Evaluation Rates

    General Evaluations cost $250.

    Advanced Evaluations cost $50 per each part of public speaking with the following discounts

    • 10% if 4 to 7 parts of public speaking are selected

    • 20% if 8 to 11 parts of public speaking are selected

    • 30% if all 12 parts of public speaking are selected

    There is an additional 10% discount if you order the General Evaluation and any part of the Advanced Evaluation in the same request.

    For General Evaluations, turn-around time is usually 3 days

    For Advanced Evaluations, turn-around time is usually:

    • 2 days for 4 to 7 parts of public speaking

    • 4 days for 8 to 11 parts of public speaking

    • 5 days for all 12 parts of public speaking

    Should you request both a General Evaluation and an Advanced Evaluation, add both turnaround estimates to get the total turnaround number of days.

    The turn around time “clock” starts when (1) you get confirmation of the submission, (2) the video is uploaded and a link to the video is sent to and (3) your secure link payment has been deposited and confirmed

    Once you submit your video and payment to us, we respond within 24 hours to let you know we did in fact received your request and when you can expect your video evaluation to be sent to you.

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