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Customized Instruction

DCI doesn’t give you “cookie cutter” public speaking instruction that you can read in a book. We customize all instruction to fit your personal public speaking needs. Even our public speaking seminars are customized for each attendee’s needs using a unique mechanism to ensure the instructor knows the attendees’ needs even before they set foot in the seminar room.

DCI gives you the gift of public speaking excellence through a range of individually customized instructional methods:

Video Evaluations

Customized, detailed evaluations of your own public speaking on YouTube videos you post.

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Public and corporate Excellence In Public Speaking Seminars customized to address and meet each attendee’s public speaking needs.

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Private, one-on-one, customized public speaking coaching for corporate and general public clients.

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Access to our monthly Excellence in Public Speaking e-Newsletter and reports on the latest public speaking techniques, delivery tips, and speech construction.

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