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Frank DiBartolomeo's new book "Speak Well and Prosper: Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Better Presentations" (softcover)

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YOUR SUCCESS IN LIFE is largely determined by your social skills -- by your ability to interact positively and effectively with others and ensure their cooperation. This interaction is greatly dependent on presenting your ideas to your direct reports, colleagues, and superiors in a cogent, clear, and convincing manner. This is where Speak Well and Prosper: Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Better Presentations comes in. This book

  • covers all aspects of presentation preparation and delivery, the future of public speaking, and tips for specific speaking situations
  • takes a conversational approach to teaching the fundamentals of great public speaking
  • addresses methods to reduce the fear of public speaking, what to do after you have your presentation topic, and how to practice your delivery
  • provides "calls to action" after every chapter that will significantly improve your public speaking ability and thus increase your ability to influence others.

Earl Nightingale once said, "Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity." Prepare yourself with Speak Well and Prosper: Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Better Presentations. When your opportunity comes, and it always does, you will be ready to shine! YOU CAN DO IT!

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